Sep. 8th, 2017 11:39 am
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Currently working on lesson 4 of HTTS, so that has been moving along at a good pace. this lesson might take me a little longer because i don't want to half ass it like I did last time. I'm writing the SENTENCE for 3 story ideas, even thought I know which one I'm going to pick to work on throughout the class, because the practice of condensing the major points of the story together like that is a good thing.

No new book read this week. Started rereading Nalini Singh's Psy changelings series. Again. Just felt like some good ole comforting stories about characters I love time was needed.

So, I haven't worked on a book review either.

Nor have I written any short stories.

I suppose it's been a 50/50 week so far.

I have spent my allot 30 mins a day dealing with writing related stuff. Made all but one of my 10 min writing sessions.

Will post new goals monday.

New starts

Sep. 4th, 2017 06:12 pm
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So, we have had our first meeting of the new accountability group and have formed a party on Habitica to help motivate us. So far so good.

I am moving on to lesson 2 in HTTS now and have also been working on worldbuilding for the idea I had last time I tried this course. Now, I'm not supposed to be world building, but for the idea I have I really need to flesh out some of the government and religion because they are part of what is driving the characters.

I also want to get at least one book read this week.

And maybe write a book review. Try to get one done a week till I feel confident about how I want to do them, and if I want to do them.

Debating what else I could write about besides just books. I don't play enough of the new video games to make that something. What else nerdy do I do a lot I could blog about? Time to toss on the thinking cap for that I guess.


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