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To dos:

Lesson 7 of HTTS
Challenge one of a contest. Have 3 days for this to get done.
write every day
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Well, last week was about as much of a bust with making goals as keeping them. So, listing goals = better chance of making them.

This Week:

write 10 mins a day
write at least 3 public journal posts
work in my writing journal daily


Sep. 8th, 2017 11:39 am
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Currently working on lesson 4 of HTTS, so that has been moving along at a good pace. this lesson might take me a little longer because i don't want to half ass it like I did last time. I'm writing the SENTENCE for 3 story ideas, even thought I know which one I'm going to pick to work on throughout the class, because the practice of condensing the major points of the story together like that is a good thing.

No new book read this week. Started rereading Nalini Singh's Psy changelings series. Again. Just felt like some good ole comforting stories about characters I love time was needed.

So, I haven't worked on a book review either.

Nor have I written any short stories.

I suppose it's been a 50/50 week so far.

I have spent my allot 30 mins a day dealing with writing related stuff. Made all but one of my 10 min writing sessions.

Will post new goals monday.

New starts

Sep. 4th, 2017 06:12 pm
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So, we have had our first meeting of the new accountability group and have formed a party on Habitica to help motivate us. So far so good.

I am moving on to lesson 2 in HTTS now and have also been working on worldbuilding for the idea I had last time I tried this course. Now, I'm not supposed to be world building, but for the idea I have I really need to flesh out some of the government and religion because they are part of what is driving the characters.

I also want to get at least one book read this week.

And maybe write a book review. Try to get one done a week till I feel confident about how I want to do them, and if I want to do them.

Debating what else I could write about besides just books. I don't play enough of the new video games to make that something. What else nerdy do I do a lot I could blog about? Time to toss on the thinking cap for that I guess.
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Major Goals for the Month:

Restarting How To Think Sideways course.

Write for 10 mins a day.

September Story a Day Challenge

I've read through HTTS but haven't completed it all the way. And, to be honest, I jumped over a few lessons that wanted to deep dive into my soul a bit further then I felt comfortable going at the time. This time I'm going to work on each lesson fairly and try to accomplish the ones that scared me before. As the first lesson states: SAFE never starts.

Time for me to stop playing it safe and start some shit.

This Weeks Goals:

Lesson One

2 stories


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