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Well after having a day off from work that was going to consist of chores, then became a Diablo 3 marathon play session, and has been some what redeemed by doing dishes and starting laundry, I have sat down to address writing.

I have been looking at some courses but most are junk. I know that. I don't really need them so much as I need the accountability. And, as bad as it sounds, spending money on something like that would guilt me into writing more than I do now.

So, if I have to go to such extremes to write, why do I want to write?

I loved writing before. I love the community of writers I found all those years ago. A handful I still talk to occasionally. For a while I found some community in the gaming world, but while I did fall in love with my boyfriend there....it wasn't the same. I was using online games (WoW) to hide from what I thought was my failure at writing. AKA, the dreaded rejection slip.

I hid for a VERY long time.

I have perhaps lost my way back to writing.

But I'm actively searching for that path now. I have to have faith I will find it.
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